How to Choose a Domain Name for your Website

How to Choose a Domain Name for your Website

A domain name is the first thing to come when you think about launching a website. It is like a nameplate of your house by which people find your whereabouts. The domain name is something people come across before even dealing with you. A beautiful domain name is the first impression to your visitors. It helps you maximize the number of visitors to your site. Domain name works like a brand.

Domain Name Comes as a Brand
Your domain name should be brandable. This is the first thing people see and this is what people type to get into your site. You better choose a name that is clearly understandable to most of your visitors. If your domain name can represent what your site is about then half of the marketing is done. Choosing a brandable name over generic helps you reach the most number of visitors.

Easy to Type & Pronounce
If not easy, it is not going to be brandable at all. People do not have much time to type a long name. A difficult name narrows the chances of revisiting the website for the visitors despite having very useful content in it. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and type.

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